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Royal Astronomical Society Specialist Discussion Meeting
Science of Primitive Asteroid Sample Return Missions
Friday, 13th October 2017
To be held at the The Royal Astronomical Society
Burlington House
Schedule of Talks

10.00     Coffee

10.30     Opening remarks  

10.35     Sara Russell, Natural History Museum

‘What the study of primitive asteroids can tell us about our solar system’


Session 1:  Mission Overview Talks (Chair: Tristram Warren, University of Oxford)

10.55     Harold C. Connolly Jr., Rowan University

‘The OSIRIS-REx mission and the Analysis of the Returned Sample’

11.15     Shogo Tachibana, Hokkaido University

‘Hayabusa2 - Sample return from C-type near-Earth asteroid (162173) Ryugu’

11.35     Ian Franchi, Open University

‘MarcoPolo: Primitive Asteroid Sample Return’

11.50     Simon Green, Open University

‘Phobos Sample Return’


Session 2: Primitive Asteroid Sample Analyses (Chair: Helena Bates, Natural History Museum/Oxford)

12.05     Lydie Bonal, Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble

‘Combined spectroscopic analyses of primitive extraterrestrial samples: characterization of space weathering and secondary processes, and identification of asteroidal sources’

12.20     Queenie Chan, Open University

‘Extraterrestrial organics: implications provided by the soluble, insoluble, primitive and altered materials’

12.35      Richard Greenwood, Open University

‘Mixing, melting and hydrothermal activity in the early Solar System: Evidence from high-precision oxygen isotope studies’

12.50      Jamie Gilmour, University of Manchester

‘Chronological Studies of Primitive Material’

13.05     Lunch

14.00     Ashley King, Natural History Museum

‘Fire & Ice: the formation and evolution of asteroids’

14.15     Alex Halliday, University of Oxford

‘The origins of inner solar system volatiles’


Session 3: Remote Sensing Observations of Primitive Asteroids (Chair: Jonny Grice, Open University)

14.30     Kerri Donaldson Hanna, University of Oxford

‘Unraveling the composition of primitive solar system bodies using thermal infrared spectroscopy’

14.45     Ben Rozitis, Open University

‘Thermophysical analysis of (101955) Bennu with OSIRIS-REx’

15.00     Pierre Beck, Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble

‘Connecting extra-terrestrial materials to primitive small bodies through VNIR spectroscopy’

15.15     Neil Bowles, University of Oxford

‘Asteroid sample return and  the next generation of missions and surveys’

15.30     Discussion over tea in the Geological Society

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